WebMedLit Dictionary of Dermatology– Conditions, Symptoms and Treatments

WebMedLit is the place for dermatologists, residents, researchers, and clinicians to share their knowledge and observations about skin problems and new treatments with the world. Our site is designed to be an open forum where knowledge about the skin can be shared and improved upon through the scrutiny of our active user-community. We ask everyone to share their insights in a respectful and thoughtful manner. Consumers can search for any variety of topics, from popular cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal treatments or Botox, to medical conditions such as acne and venous disease, people trust that the information is medically accurate and relevant.

Subjects in dermatology such as cellulite, acne vulgaris, dermatitis, venous disease, psoriasis, and others are popular search topics on the web and need a place for scholarly discussion. We’ve created this site to provide that forum with physician citations and consumer feedback. We welcome your posts and feedback on the site.

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Top Medical Conditions

These aesthetic and clinical conditions/symptoms are currently the most popular now:

Top Products

These are the most popular home devices, topical products, and oral prescriptions:

Top Cosmetic Treatments

These are the popular in-office treatments for cosmetic dermatology now:

Top Ingredients

These are the trending ingredients & compounds being used in skin creams and prescriptions: