What are spider veins?
Spider veins are small, red, purple and blue vessels that twist and turn.  These veins tend to develop on the legs and face and are easily visible as they are superficial in nature.  Spider veins tend to develop more in women than men and increase in frequency with age.

What are the causes of spider veins?
Spider veins can be caused by many factors.  The most common causes are:  heredity, obesity, living or working habits which require long periods of time standing, birth control pills, blood clots, conditions which cause increased abdominal pressure (tumors and constipation), ultraviolet ray exposure and trauma or injury to the skin.

What is the treatment for spider veins?
There are several procedures that can be done to remove or diminish the appearance of spider veins.  These procedures include sclerotherapy, radiofrequency occlusion, surgery and laser therapy.