What are Wrinkles or Rhytides?
Wrinkles (also known as Rhytides) are the lines and folds that appear in the skin as a part of the skins natural aging process.  They form because as skin ages it becomes less elastic, increasingly dry and thin resulting in the characteristic “wrinkles.”  Wrinkles can occur anywhere on the body, but are often most noticeable on the face around the eyes, mouth, and neck.

What are the risk factors for Wrinkles?
As mentioned, age is a major cause of wrinkles because the make-up of the skin layers changes with age resulting in weaker, less elastic skin which is prone to wrinkle formation.  In addition, sun exposure increases and exacerbates wrinkle formation because the UV rays cause damage to the skins connective tissues which help prevent wrinkle formation.  Genetic factors, smoking, and repeated facial expressions can predispose to wrinkle formation.

What is the treatment for Wrinkles?
There are many treatment options available for wrinkles.  The best treatment is preventative with good skin care which includes sunscreen and decreased exposure to UV light, along with healthy lifestyle choices including a healthy diet and avoiding smoking.  Dermatologic treatment options include topical preparations like retinoid creams, dermabrasion, dermal fillers, Botox injections, laser treatments, chemical peels, and other surgical treatments.