Virology is the scientific study of viruses and similar virus like agents. This includes topics such as virus structure, classification and evolution, virus reproduction, connections to diseases and of course how to exploit or combat a given virus. Virology is commonly considered to be a sub-specialty of microbiology. Viruses are extremely tiny and are on the scale of size of nucleic acids (such as DNA) so it would stand to reason that the three most common classifications of viruses are DNA viruses, RNA viruses and reverse transcribing viruses. The obvious need for the field of virology is to research and treat many of the diseases that kill millions of people every year, but there is also the possibility of using viruses to improve our lives. Viruses are used in gene therapy techniques and a virus was used to help map nuerons. It seems the microscopic world of viruses has big impacts on our everyday lives.

You can find some of the best virology journals and peer reviewed articles below:

Journal of Virology by the American Society for Microbiology this is a general site about the topic which links to many other resources