What is CosmoDermTM1?

CosmoDermTM1 is a human-based collagen implant that is injected into the skin to help smooth wrinkles, fill in acne scars and correct other defects in the tissue.  CosmoDermTM1 is a synthetically made natural protein that corrects soft tissue defects and smoothes contours of the skin.  Collagen is a compound normally made by the body that makes up the scaffolding and cushion in tissues. Aging results in decreased synthesis of collagen leading to decreased fullness of the skin.   Supplementing the collagen with laboratory-produced forms such as CosmoDermTM1 helps fill in these areas.  It can also be used to fill in areas of the skin damaged by acne scarring or other defects.  The procedure involves injection of lidocaine to numb up the affected area followed by injection of the human-based collagen.  CosmoDermTM1 was recently approved by the FDA.  

Who should not use CosmoDermTM1?

CosmoDermTM1 should not be used by individuals who have severe allergies or concurrent skin infections.