What is Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive laser technology based procedure that provides an alternative to traditional liposuction.  Similar to liposuction, it is a fat removal procedure. However, the technique used is different than traditional liposuction in that no large incisions are made, general anesthesia is not required, and the recovery time is very quick.   Smart Lipo consists of using a small handheld device which contains a laser. The laser energy is directed at the fat cells beneath the skins surface. The laser energy breaks apart the fat cells liquefying them so they are easily drained away by the body’s natural removal system.  In addition, the laser promotes collagen growth which tightens the treated skin.

 Who is a good candidate for Smart Lipo?

Individuals who have tried diet and exercise and have areas of persistent fat deposition.  In general, good candidates are in overall good health, exercise regularly, are within 25 pounds of their goal weight, and have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure.